About Us

About Greenbase Recycling

Greenbase Recycling is a forward thinking modern scrap processing and recycling company, trading both domestically and internationally.

From our industrial facility and yard located at Ayetoro Road, Ayetoro Via Mowe, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, we operate an array of modern, efficient equipment and offer comprehensive non-ferrous scrap recycling services.

We are committed to ensuring that our products and services meet our customers’ requirements in every respect. We see to it that each one of our customers gets a top-grade product that is perfect for their needs – while at the same time making an important contribution to protecting our natural resources.

Besides industrial non-ferrous metal recycling, Greenbase Recycling is also an active player in Nigerian waste management services. Our reliable partners and suppliers across Nigeria round off our comprehensive service and guarantee on-time delivery.

As the market and therefore prices are constantly changing, it is essential for us to have access to the latest information so that we know what is happening in the market at any given time. So, we liaise closely with the LME (London Metal Exchange), we are in regular contact with business services and we exchange information with our trading partners on an on-going basis.

Greenbase Recycling is an innovative company specialising in industrial non-ferrous metal recycling and the international metal trade. We process tonnes of non-ferrous metal scraps, including aluminium, copper and zinc, from which we extract valuable secondary raw materials for use in the metal industry.